Hi, I'm Trevor Dowse. For the past 38 years Plastifab Quality Proofer Cloths have been manufactured in the Republic of South Africa. Plastifab supplies cloths for all makes and sizes of intermediate proofers used in plant bakeries, and will also tailormake to drawings and specifications supplied.

A newer introduction to the product range has been the now popular Individually Moulded Baskets which clip into a metal trays and are extremely convenient to use.

All Plastifab proofer cloths and baskets are made from high quality, non-toxic H.D.P.E. and Polypropylene materials and are easily cleaned.

Favourable exchange rates make these products extremely competitive price-wise and quantity discounts will be available to bona-fide bakery equipment manufacturers and agents.

For all enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact me.